Top 3 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Here are my favorite must have plugins that every WordPress website should have. But don’t just take my word for it, they also happen to fall on the list best WordPress plugins voted upon by 42 well known professional bloggers in 2014. Some of the bloggers include names such as Neil Patel from Quick Sprout, Daniel Scocco from and David Aston at


WordPress SEO by YOAST

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast is without a doubt a favorite with just about every WordPress site owner.  The plugin is ready to use out of the box and guides even beginner SEO’ers through the technical adjustments you need to make to your content. It’s as easy as receiving a red, yellow and green light on titles, meta tags, and body text. The colored signals lets you know where you need to make critical changes that will help you write seo friendly content.  The basic plugin is free but I recommend picking up the premium version for about $85.  With the rapid changes in SEO the plugin is now upgraded constantly and offers support to insure it works properly. It’s definitely worth the money and I would not run a site without it.


Gravity Forms

No site is complete without a plugin to help you create forms. Gravity Forms is simply the most efficient plugin to build great looking forms. Starting at $35 you can get easy to build customized forms without a lot of messing around with css. Gravity forms covers pricing forms, schedule forms, standard text fields, contest with unlimited entries, even a form that acts like post to post a text block to your site. It’s extremely flexible and looks great on any site.


W3 Total Cache

In order to really keep your WordPress site running smooth you should install a cache plugin.  A Cache is used to store data or pages on your site that are frequently used. So when someone clicks on a webpage they are sent quickly to the stored cached page vs. waiting on the page within the DB to be served. In a nut shell, a cache plugin will improve your page loading speed. Having fast loading times not only makes for a better user experience but is also good for SEO. W3 Total Cache is a simple plug and play plugin that is free. It has somewhere in the neighborhood of