Slow Loading Pages For Mobile Users Will Drop Your SERPS

Thursday March 8th Google announced that websites that have slow loading pages for mobile users will see a decrease in (SERPS) organic search rankings. Google recommends that your websites pages must load ideally within 3 seconds or less or you will see a loss in organic search rankings. In the Google Partner’s monthly webinar, Google released their latest study that showed 58% of the visitors coming from Google organic search, bounced when the page speed was longer than 3 seconds.

For those of you who have been following Google’s AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative, this was Googles support plan to educate website owners on ‘how to improve their mobile page loading speeds’. Google provided a page speed checker as well as a good amount of documentation on how to improve page speed performance. Today Google announced that improving slow mobile page speed is no longer a ‘nice to do activity’ but rather a mandatory maintenance that websites must undergo regularly if they do not want to lose organic traffic rankings.

Most people today are using mobile devices to browse the internet and make purchases. And yet today the majority of businesses online are focused on how their webpages look and perform for PC users. Google sees this as a conflict for its mobile advertising revenue. If webpages are not loading quickly and users bounce to only websites that have a good mobile experience, then there is a loss of potential ad revenue. But let’s face it, it’s also your loss of revenue as well.

Checking your mobile page speed on a regular basis can be done on the page speed checker listed in the link above. You can also check in Google analytics under Behaviors / site speed tab. The site speed report covers a number of ways to look at the loading speed. You can see the speed data by Country, by browser type, or by page. 

One of the useful tools is the Site Speed Suggestions found under Google analytics/Site speed /speed suggestions. By clicking on one of the pages under the speed suggestions column, you can activate a live scan that reports back to you what your page rating is and what you can do to improve the page rating score. Here you will see your score and what you can do to improve the overall speed.


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