Search Engine Optimization

Getting your website found when users search online for keywords or content that best describes your product or service is heart of search engine optimization. Getting you website found in search results is tough and requires a commitment to sticking to a solid marketing plan for campaigns and content that add value to your visitors to keep them coming back. SEO is no longer a short term link building solution for more traffic. SEO does focus on back links and setting up a proper technical structure of a website. However websites will not gain traffic momentum they are looking for without the use of a good marketing plan and diverse media and marketing tools. We aim to help you develop relationships with your customers of a like mind. We customize SEO strategy to fit each client and provide full monthly monitoring and reporting.  We’ll show you the search engine friendly way to distribute, delight and connect to your customers searching online.


Partner In Outsource SEO Services

We understand that not every small business owner or company has the time, budget or expertise to focus solely on SEO and content.  Mydinet makes it easy to get help with SEO and outsource SEO services so you can focus on your business and let our dedicated SEO team handle building your websites traffic. Traffic is the most important thing your online business needs in order to grow. Still some companies struggle with not having the right experienced SEO specialist in place to make the necessary improvements you need to grow. Younger marketers often lack direct training in SEO and experience they need to follow an SEO strategy.  Our SEO specialist don't just handle the work load for you, we are happy to guide you through your plan to help you reach your longer term goals. We believe in success and building a partnership with our clients. We keep our clients informed on traffic changes and are available to help and support you or your team.


How We Work

Every business and website is different and no one SEO plan fits all. That’s why I feel it’s important to start with an SEO site audit. A site audit tells us about the strengths and weakness of your website. It uncovers any Google penalties, the usage of your keywords, strength or weakness of your link partners, broken or missing links, duplicate content, missing titles or tags, missing meta descriptions, page format errors, among many others.  From a complete professional SEO audit we can see what is broken and create a plan that fits your budget and business goals.


Our Team

Our SEO team consist of in house dedicated certified SEO professionals ready to tackle your project and build your traffic. Communication is our thing. By staying in close communication with our clients we are able to show you areas of improvement that will strengthen your brand visibility and improve traffic. We regularly review, report and update you on opportunities within your business show you progress along the way.

Our Tools

We dive elbows deep into SEO and supply data about the strength of your back-links, SERP ranking, site health, crawl-ability, conversion paths, and show you stuff like content cancers. We use only industry standard data software and marketing tools to provide you with accurate data.



No one sticks around to read bad content and browsers like Google know this. The longer a reader stays on the page the higher the chance a customer will convert. We provide unique exciting SEO content customized for your audience and the search engines. Contact us and learn more about our SEO content planning.



  • SEO Site Audit
  • Total website optimization
  • Penalty Cleaning
  • Link Building
  • Link Monitoring
  • Rank Tracking
  • Monthly Reporting
  • SEO Content Planning
  • Blog Installation
  • Guest Posting
  • Influence Outreach
  • SEO Social Media Strategy