PPC / AdWords Services

Setting up AdWords campaigns for each client is different. That’s because all clients AdWords campaign goals, budget, amount of ads and keywords are different. A local bike shop with a $250 monthly advertising budget will have much less work than a large e-commerce store spending $20,000 per month advertising many products and multiple campaigns with hundreds of keywords. For this reason, we like to discuss and go over your AdWords accounts and goals. From our discussion, we will be happy to provide a custom quote.

Getting Started with AdWords / PPC Setup Starting at €375

  • Research your customer and create a customer profile (persona)
  • Setup of your Google AdWords account
  • Setup of your first AdWords Campaign
  • Multiple keywords researched for your business
  • Structuring your campaign to reflect your products and markets with the creation of up to 12 ad groups.
  • Creation of Ads that generate business
  • Optimized keyword bidding strategies
  • Set up landing pages to your offer or product
  • AdWords A/B testing
  • Making sure you ads are displayed at most profitable times
  • Helpful email support
  • Support by phone or Skype during office hours
  • 4 hours of expert Pay-Per-Click advice


Starting rates include:

  • Only 1 campaign
  • Anywhere from 1 to 12 ad groups
  • Up to 2,0000 negative keywords
  • Up to 4 ads per ad group
  • Landing page set up
  • Roughly 50 keywords
  • A/B testing



Monthly AdWords Management

AdWords campaigns should never be left on auto-pilot. PPC campaigns are live auctions with thousands of users interacting with search browsers and keyword phrases and eventually clicking your ad. This means that search results change daily and weekly. Because customers change how they use keywords over time, your account needs to be managed continually and optimized for regular changes created by users clicking on ads and fluxuating the auction prices.  Knowing what changes to make can lead to saving you money and increasing profitable clicks. It is necessary to build, change, test, monitor and report on an ongoing basis. For this reason, we charge a flat rate for monthly AdWords management services starting at €250 mo. As a partner for your business, if you succeed I succeed. You will receive monthly reporting and an account review to let you review how well your ads are performing.

What is involved in AdWords managed services?

  • AdWords Campaign set up
  • Keyword research and grouping
  • Ongoing campaign budget management
  • AdWords ad design and setup
  • Ongoing keyword bid optimization
  • Management of optimum display positions
  • Management of optimum display times
  • Daily monitoring of campaign performance
  • Delivery of visitors to specific product pages
  • Tracking of conversions at the individual keyword level
    (where conversion tracking is enabled).
  • Ongoing corrective action for any Ad issues
  • Regular Email updates
  • Helpful phone & email support (office hours)
  • Performance Reports


No Contact necessary

AdWords management is a month to month service. You can pause, start or stop your ads at any time. You are in control of your advertising budget.


If you feel your campaign will exceed the starter rate then please contact me and I will be happy to provide a custom quote.

*Clients will be responsible for paying the pay-per-click costs directly to Google (setup by Direct Debit or Credit Cards)