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Marketing Services




Mydinet is mighty powerful online marketing support for hire.  We are online marketing professionals here to help on either hands on marketing projects or consulting. We are here to help businesses understand online marketing and help them reach their goals. We have the muscle to tackle your paid or organic traffic, social media campaigns, website development. 

Need to boost your traffic or revenue? We usually start by auditing your online business and review your marketing plan to find out where the strengths and wealkness may be. From our insight report we can tailor a plan to improve your goals and help clean up any problems that may prevent your website or business from reaching your goals. We focus our time and muscle on growing your sales and showing you how.

A successfull business online requires expertise in online marketing and a mixed short and long term marketing plan. There once was a time when all we had to do was put our effort into optimizing our website to reach the first page in search results. Organic traffic could be generated in large numbers if we just hired an SEO to do the work. Those days are mostly gone. Today we need to generate interest if we want to be found online and tell our customers and readers some pretty intersting stories about who we are and what we do. We can help you build and find your unique story online and help with a balanced plan to get it delivered.  We deliver more than great results we give you the coaching you need so you can continue meeting your long term marketing goals.




Not getting the organic traffic your business needs? Get an SEO audit and find out why

Social Media

Learn how social generates leads, increases sales and make it the emabssador of your brand

Conversion Optimization

Are your campaigns not hitting the conversion rate you were looking for? We test and optimize websites and campaigns and make improvements that are needed

Search Engine Marketing

 Learn how to leverage your customers demographics to create powerful campaigns that lift your sales

Content Marketing

Mydinet can lend a hand getting your content written, published, and translated. Get in touch to learn how we can help multinational companies

Web Development

We can get your site built. Our team develops the right onsite changes and design functions you need to sell your business