Look what's new with Twitter organic analytics

With twitter organic tweet analytics you can now see how many times people interacted with your tweets. You now know how many re-tweets and comments were made and how large a ripple your tweets created. This information is available to advertisers, Twitter card publishers and verified users.

Here is what the new tweet metrics can do:


  • It shows real time reporting
  • Measures Impression comparisons, with all engagement impressions. You can get device specific data such as Android users or iOS and retweets per month.
  • A whole 360 view of your tweets on the details page. View all of you re-tweets, replies, favorites, follows, embedded media and link clicks.
  • You can download a CSV file of your data.



What’s is great about this application is that it allows brands to really see how their messages are performing and craft better content for their followers at no additional cost. Until recently the only way to get detailed metrics on twitter data was by paying for services like Hootsuite. But even Hootsuite does not have live real time metrics nor could it help you measure your twitter reach as accurate. So what’s the big deal about measuring Twitter organic reach? What this set of tools allows you to do is accurately measure your audience reach. So let’s say you have a follower base of about 900 followers. Twitter studies have shown that brands that tweet up to 3 to 4 times per day can increase their reach 30% more than their follower base.  That means your message is now reaching 270 more people. But it gets even better because, when you add in really great content or comments, links and images to your tweets, you increase your reach by 95%. That’s quite a large increase for a little extra effort. Marketing is all about how many people we can reach at the lowest ROI. The latest featured set of tools by Twitter is a great way to stay informed on exactly how effective your social media marketing is.