Do Mass Article Submission Wheels Really Work?

Ok so I ran across several articles from SEO blogs pumping mass article submission schemes. The authors claim that by submitting quality written articles carefully keyworded to top PR Article Submission websites and lesser PR Article websites you can generate powerful backlinks generating hundreds of links. Wow what an SEOs dream, show me the money, but unfortunately this seems to good to be true. So I put it to the test. The article blueprints for making this work are very time consuming at best. You need to write three top quality individual content SEO articles using the top key words you want to rank for. So If I want to rank for Cars I am going to write three articles: New Cars this Year, Cars to look at, and Cars are Fun. So my keyword will be Cars and I will submit round one to the top high PR article submission sites. In this case its Squidoo, Hubpages, technorati or examiner. These articles will link to your blog site that links to the parent site that has the page about cars for example. The reason is that if you get to many links that look un-natural, Google may penalize your blog site and not your parent site. If you are not penalized the link juice from all the links you generate will flow to your parent site resulting in ranking on the first page in Google. So they say! Next round two requires four unique very good quality articles with anchor text of the keywords you want to rank for, pointing to the first article located on the high PR link submission sites. Anchor text will be cars but it needs to be unique anchor text for example: “there was a great car” , “a very fast car” “ “modern car design”. You submit these articles to other good PR article submission sites. Problem with this round is you need to wait until the first three articles are approved and it can take weeks or even a month for approval before you have a URL to use for round two. And then comes round three which is four separate articles quality can be anything and you are now going to use anchor text of related keywords to the keywords you want to rank for. Sound confusing? Yeah stay with me here. So we are going to have anchor text like this: “auto is grey” “motor race” “priceless autos” now use the URLs from the article submission sites from round two. These will all point to the round two articles. What we are doing is creating a funnel. Article submission wheels in all can take over a month before you can complete them. It took me almost two weeks to create 12 unique articles at decent quality that are letter perfect and interesting to read. By the end of the second week I had a head ache. Analyzing the results was far less than what I had expected. I did see a low amount of traffic as a result with an average of 26 to 56 visits per month. And as for backlinks I had about four. In my test run I did not use a blog site and ran the risk of letting the articles link to my parent site. I did not see any difference in Google nor did it work nearly as well as it was hyped. It can also be the subject was not to interesting enough to readers or sometimes you have tough competition among professional writers who write better than you do. There are a lot of variables that make this difficult to work. But the results clearly prove you loose a lot more money and time than you make.