Do I need someone to manage AdWords for me?

Choosing to let someone to manage your AdWords account is a good idea for many reasons. Generally people that offer AdWords services for a living are marketing professionals who are focused on metrics such as cost per click, conversion rates and ROI. AdWords professionals know their personal value to a client is measured by KPI’s and they are focus on results. As a business owner who is looking to hire an AdWords manager or consultant, it makes good sense to let someone with the right skill and expertise handle that area of your online marketing.

Some professionals will be Google AdWords Certified and some may not. A Google certified professional will be someone who has taken the time to demonstrate that they fully understand Google terms of service, full spectrum of creating AdWords Ads and conversion tracking. To check if an agency or individual has a certification you need to look at the persons or agencies Google profile or website. A Google partner badge is given to agencies or companies by Google after qualifying. For individuals a Google AdWords Certification will display on their Google profile. Other AdWords professionals may not have a certification but are heavy hitters with a lot of experience on their belts. I will not say that one is better than the other because each individual has their strengths and weaknesses. I have seen many new college grads join their first marketing team with a shiny new AdWords certification gained in school and have never really run a real AdWords account on behalf of a client. They miss out on a great deal of practical hands on application that can only come from a little more experience. Thus I would not pass up non-certified experienced AdWords users that has had years of experience running $40,000 + a month AdWords budget. These professionals are likely to be worth a treasure trove of knowledge and be a valuable partner.

Full Transparency

Make sure the candidate you hire for AdWords gives you full transparency into your AdWords campaigns. It’s not only a good idea but a requirement by Google for 3rd party professionals. Here are some red flags to look out for:

• Claiming to be certified but certification is missing. A Google Certified member should produce a link for you to verify with Google.

• The service provider guarantees your ads will make it to all first placement positions on keywords. The truth is, Ads are bided on and change daily so no one can guarantee your placement position.

• Refuse to show cost performance on your Google AdWords campaigns they fail to give you administrative access to view your account. 3rd party partners must according to Google show their clients number of clicks, impressions, and cost.

• Some 3rd party providers charge additional for getting your ads placed on the first placement on a page. This is a mis-representation of how Google works.

• Someone who does not speak or write the native language in the geographic area you are marketing in. Grammar and expertise on copywriting is critical to getting customers to react to your ads. Don’t risk it.

Trust and Relationship

You need to be able to trust the people that are working for you. If your managed service provider is able to give you a good list of businesses they have managed AdWords accounts for and are able to give you an insight into how certain vertical markets perform they are probably right. A good AdWords professional should have a good feel and idea how certain markets perform. This is usually not something an inexperienced person or new college grad can provide. All AdWords campaigns are not equal based on the fact that some markets are highly competitive and your cost to advertise in certain markets are higher than other vertical markets. Experienced professionals will have a good insight on keyword usage and they know what converts and how to spar with competitors. Someone who currently works in your vertical market will spot the differences and should overcome most challenges and increase your CTR regardless of the competition.

Performance Evaluations are Crucial

Make sure your AdWords consultant is open to revealing how he works and provides you with performance reporting on a weekly or monthly basis. You should review your AdWords account with your provider, understand your cost per click. Just remember reporting will be of no use to you if don’t understand basic terminology like CTR, impressions and industry standards for conversion rates. You cannot blame your AdWords consultant for not reaching your goal if you don’t have any knowledge of How AdWords works or the kind of volume of traffic you need to budget for in order to reach your goal. It doesn’t make sense to say ‘I need 500 new customer sales this month from AdWords’ but then only allocate $20 a day to reaching that goal in a very competitive market where your cpc is $15.00. You can also look at Basic cost calculations to help understand basic AdWords biding. Your AdWords partner should be able to go over your goals beforehand create an agreeable reasonable plan and show you his progress in reaching these goals.

The value of a good partner

A good AdWords service partner is one whom you feel is really working for your business. Someone who is actively monitoring your account making necessary adjustments to your ad bids and landing pages, and keeping good communication on their progress. A good long term working relationship is an asset in staying competitive in your market. AdWords managers need to be given sufficient amount of time to make adjustments to your campaign and gain critical insights into your competitors. If you find that your AdWords conversions are growing over a period of time and you are meeting your goals while the cost for doing business with AdWords lowers or remains consistent, you likely have an account manager who’s doing a good job for you. © 2014 all rights reserved