Content Marketing

Did you know that companies that are blogging get 126% more leads and traffic than those that don't? Freshen up your blog and social sites by giving readers something interesting and unique to read. We write for websites, blogs, articles, social media, campaigns and more! We don’t just put anything on the page, we tailor unique quality SEO friendly content customized to your customer demographics that meets your content plan.

If you have a website with more than one language, your weekly content plan can get heavy. Mydinet can provide translations so your message is consistent in the markets you sell in. We translate content from the English language to most languages. Please contact us and discuss your project requirements and language variations.

Customers on average search 12 websites before choosing a brand or make a purchase. Content is journey that leads buyers to your brand. Learn how to cultivate a content plan that helps you capture your customer’s attention and turn them into leads.


Your message and the effort you make to give valuable information to your customers speaks volumes about how reputable you are as a business.  3.5 billion searches are conducted online each day. Customers go online everyday looking for answers to their problems. That’s why Google has decided to use 'time on page' data partly as a way to give better search results to websites that have a lower bounce rate and higher time on page results.  Websites that are giving readers good problem solving information that answers their questions are going to keep readers on the page longer and get better search results from web browsers.

Writing new content on a regular basis that follows a SEO strategy is tough to keep up with. We deliver original seo friendly content thats affordable and valuable to your audience. Our content is unique and crafted to meet your customer profiles. We produce content mainly in the English language for international companies. Other language translations are available on request. Please ask about our content marketing services for more details for your project.