Top 3 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Here are my favorite must have plugins that every WordPress website should have. But don’t just take my word for it, they also happen to fall on the list best WordPress plugins voted upon by 42 well known professional bloggers in 2014. Some of the bloggers include names such as Neil Patel from Quick Sprout, Daniel Scocco from and David Aston at


WordPress SEO by YOAST

Why do I need someone to manage AdWords for me?

Choosing to let someone to manage your AdWords account is a good idea for many reasons. Generally people that offer AdWords services for a living are marketing professionals who are focused on metrics such as cost per click, conversion rates and ROI. AdWords professionals know their personal value to a client is measured by KPI’s and they are focus on results. As a business owner who is looking to hire an AdWords manager or consultant, it makes good sense to let someone with the right skill and expertise handle that area of your online marketing.

Look what's new with Twitter organic analytics

With twitter organic tweet analytics you can now see how many times people interacted with your tweets. You now know how many re-tweets and comments were made and how large a ripple your tweets created. This information is available to advertisers, Twitter card publishers and verified users.

Here is what the new tweet metrics can do:


Are your AdWords campaigns losing profit?

As a freelancer I often come across small business owners that are disappointed with AdWords campaigns and tell me things like, “I have tried Google AdWords campaigns and it doesn’t work for me.” When I ask how long they ran their campaigns they usually reply just over a month. In any life cycle you need to learn to walk before you run specially with AdWords. ROI campaigns require testing and maturing before they become profitable. You seldom start out running profitable right from the start.