Slow Loading Pages For Mobile Users Will Drop Your SERPS

Thursday March 8th Google announced that websites that have slow loading pages for mobile users will see a decrease in (SERPS) organic search rankings. Google recommends that your websites pages must load ideally within 3 seconds or less or you will see a loss in organic search rankings. In the Google Partner’s monthly webinar, Google released their latest study that showed 58% of the visitors coming from Google organic search, bounced when the page speed was longer than 3 seconds.

ROAS vs. ROI Digital Metrics Explained

Return on ad spend or ROAS is a marketing metric that measures how well a digital campaign performed. ROAS helps marketers compare their campaign cost or evaluate improvments needed for better campaign performance. Many marketers think that Return On Investment ROI and ROAS are the same definition. There are differences and it is absolutely necessary in online marketing to know the difference between the ROI and ROAS. As one of your primary task in managing marketing you will need to be able to measure advertising cost and evaluate how well it fits in with your marketing strategy. Now let’s jump in and take a closer look.

The 5 Things Your Online Business Must Have

Every good business manager pauses for a moment and asks themselves, “What am I missing in my online marketing plan?” Even if your business is doing quite well, it is our nature as marketers and business professionals to want better. Better is how we grow, right? According to Adweek more than one third of CMO’s expect that digital marketing will account for 75% of their marketing budget in the next 5 years. That basically means there will be a major shift with companies looking to gain leverage by expanding their digital presence online. If you thought technology is growing at a fast pace, buckle up, the next five years are going to make your head spin.

Focus content on synonyms and search queries

Google is making enormous advances in language software to understand and learn patterns in human language and language translations. Their goal is to understand how to serve results that specifically match individual search queries based on the different meanings and expressional phrases a person can make. People are different, right? One expression can be said multiple ways. What does this mean? It means we need to answer questions around the keyword query and write content with multiple synonyms. Let’s take for example the word “Show” this word has multiple meanings.