Slow Loading Pages For Mobile Users Will Drop Your SERPS

Thursday March 8th Google announced that websites that have slow loading pages for mobile users will see a decrease in (SERPS) organic search rankings.

ROAS vs. ROI Digital Metrics Explained

Return on ad spend or ROAS is a marketing metric that measures how well a digital campaign performed.

The 5 Things Your Online Business Must Have

Every good business manager pauses for a moment and asks themselves, “What am I missing in my online marketing plan?” Even if your business is doing quite well, it is o

Focus content on synonyms and search queries

Google is making enormous advances in language software to understand and learn patterns in human language and language translations.

4 Things to Know About Spam Filters

As marketers we really work hard at getting our message out there to our customers but our efforts are lost if our emails are not getting opened or read.

What is going on with SEO today?

Looking back 19 years when Google first released its browser, only a few people knew a bit about how Googles search algorithm worked.

How to avoid hiring a bad freelancer

If you are a small business or start up you might have already run the mistake of hiring a bad freelancer.  When it comes time to prioritizing targets, creating ma

Top 3 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Here are my favorite must have plugins that every WordPress website should have.

Do I need someone to manage AdWords for me?

Choosing to let someone to manage your AdWords account is a good idea for many reasons.

Look what's new with Twitter organic analytics

With twitter organic tweet analytics you can now see how many times people interacted with your tweets.

Are your AdWords campaigns losing profit?

As a freelancer I often come across small business owners that are disappointed with AdWords campaigns and tell me things like, “I have tried Google AdWords campaigns a

Do Mass Article Submission Wheels Really Work?

Ok so I ran across several articles from SEO blogs pumping mass article submission schemes.