Mydinet is a digital marketing outsource agency. We are in the business of problem solving. We believe that if we solve the problems for you and your customers we will make a difference in your business too. From consulting, web development, online advertising to helping you create the digital touch points that lead customers back to your product or service. Mydinet provides an online marketing team focused on your marketing goals.

I’m Jennifer Stekkinger founder of Mydinet. In my past 18 years of experience I have worked on projects with companies like Yamaha, Starbucks, Ricoh, Argos, Coleman/Sevylor, and LifeFitness. There are also a number of start-ups under my belt as well. Over the years I have worked with clients setting up new international business expansions, e-commerce in international markets and starting up new internet companies. I have learned that when it comes to digital marketing, large global companies innovate to slow. On the opposite end, small start up companies flourish under small Agile teams. Here at Mydinet our key to success is employing innovation quickly and without borders.  Outsourcing offers a solution to the problem for setting your digital marketing in motion within budget and low time to market. Come talk with us to learn more about how we can help.