The 5 Things Your Online Business Must Have

Every good business manager pauses for a moment and asks themselves, “What am I missing in my online marketing plan?” Even if your business is doing quite well, it is our nature as marketers and business professionals to want better. Better is how we grow, right? According to Adweek more than one third of CMO’s expect that digital marketing will account for 75% of their marketing budget in the next 5 years. That basically means there will be a major shift with companies looking to gain leverage by expanding their digital presence online. If you thought technology is growing at a fast pace, buckle up, the next five years are going to make your head spin. To stay ahead of the game, evauate your website and check your online marketing tool box to be sure you have these five things that form the pillars of a solid online business.


Market research and Industry forecast

It’s no surprise to me that many start up internet companies fail. I have worked with several in my career that sadly never reached their fifth year after the investors pulled out. Good ideas and hard work are not all that is needed to make a business successful online. You need to know if there is a market for your product or service. I have seen some of the best ideas fail because nobody is really online searching for what their business offers and the related keywords. Just the opposite, know how heavy your competition is for your product or service ahead of time. This will certainly impact how much you need to spend for paid advertising and your ability to get a foot in the market. Are there a lot of larger players in the market? If you don’t have the experience or marketing budget to compete with larger companies who have larger market shares in your industry, it does not mean you cannot succeed, but it could mean your advertising investment could be higher and margins may be lower than expected.


Create a website that has been optimized for conversions and is visually attractive

93% of consumers consider appearnce to be the main reason for their purchase. I wouldn’t take any risk or short cuts in building a visually attractive, mobile friendly SEO optimized website. Your competitors didn’t, why would you?  Clients doing B2B research do 12 searches on average prior to engaging on a specific brand's site according to Google. People want to be entertained and see a professional website that inspires them to read more and learn more about your product or service. Furthermore, your site should be optimized so when visitors do land on your website, they take the desired action you want them to. It is a huge waste of time and money to build traffic to your website and then have visitors bounce because of poor use of navigation, unprofessional appearance, or lack of a call to action.


Create a great content marketing plan with blogging

Every online marketing article on the internet is screaming about the importance of good content on your website. It’s true, content marketing gets 3 times more leads than paid traffic and cost 63% less than paid. Studies show that marketers can improve their websites traffic and sales funnels regardless of whether or not their website ranks in Google’s search results. We do this by simply adding a great content marketing plan and blogging content that’s original to our readers. Give unique facts, studies and stories to your visitors that shows you are an interesting vibrant company and have what they are looking for. Earn their trust and business so they take the next step in your sales funnel.


Good use of diverse paid media channels

Newer online businesses need to take into account that it’s a good idea to have an alternative source of traffic. Getting quick free organic traffic is slowly disappearing unless you are fortunate enough to have a video or content go viral overnight. Newer websites can benefit from diverse paid traffic in their marketing plan. You can read more details in my article, What’s going on with SEO today to learn more. You do not always have to use AdWords there are multiple online marketing channels available to give you a jump start until your content marketing plan has a good lift off.


Optimized mobile pages

There are 3.5 billion unique mobile users worldwide spending an average of 3.5 hours per day on mobile devices.  In 2017, 48% of those consumers used a mobile phone for search and that has risen to nearly 60% in 2018. This simple means mobile phones lead the way in information gathering and convenient purchasing. It’s no wonder that Google is promoting their accelerated mobile pages (AMP) initiative to help website owners decrease the time it takes for a page to load on a mobile device. Decreasing the time a page loads on a mobile device is not only giving your customer a better experience, it reduces your bounce rate and increases your conversion rate with mobile customers. Most web developers and digital agencies can assist you with optimizing your mobile page speed in the event you do not have the in-house expertise. It is expected that mobile will play a large role in customers finding your product or service. Google sees this as a valuable revenue opportunity and so should you.