4 Things to Know About Spam Filters

As marketers we really work hard at getting our message out there to our customers but our efforts are lost if our emails are not getting opened or read. Here are a few things to consider doing to get a higher open rate from your email campaigns. These small things are simple to do, yet people forget to do them all the time.

1. Things to know about spam filters

The first thing we want to do is to be sure our emails are not going to get caught in the spam or promotion filter. The promotion filter is not really spam, it's more of a filter used by Google and Outlook as well as other mail servers to sort out promotional material keeping it as a separate category from your regular email. Generally speaking, this mail category rarely gets read. So the first thing we want to do is to be sure our emails do not contain more than one link in them. Having more than one link triggers the promotion filter. It's ok to run a promotion and link to a landing page as long as you use only one link. You may also consider avoiding colored text and to much punctuation such as exclamation points. Bright red text or anything that appears odd in normal written conversation generally will trigger a spam filer.

2. Do personalize

The second thing is, to include the name of the person you are mailing. Personalized email increases the open rate by 50% to 58% according to Yes marketing research. If you make the extra effort to customize the email it shows you care enough about that subscriber and are making an extra effort. So it’s a good idea to keep your email list updated with the correct contact name.

3. Check your text

Be careful with text spam triggers. Spam filters can read text and isolate keywords with commercial sales phrases like “Make $5000 per month right now” or “Limited time offer” these kinds of sales phrases are spammy and will lower your conversion rate and get caught in a filter. Take time to choose your words carefully and make your message sound natural but to the point.

4. Limit Images

Don't over use images in your email. Yes I know it’s hard to resist, but images signal spam filters. Sometimes just a well written interesting relevant message will get read. If you do however use images try and keep it to no more than 2. Microsoft by default does not show images unless the user chooses "show images." If you are promoting a product you may consider a link to a video or creating a separate squeeze page as a landing page where you can go crazy with images.